The Steady Headz ® balance trainer forces players to have good posture and sturdy balance in order to minimize reaction time and maximize power. This is a simple, yet carefully designed solution to a problem that can't ever be taught - it must be "felt". This product allows all players to "feel" their balance (or lack of balance) and adjust quickly to the feedback it provides. It's roots are in Tennis, Golf, Physical Therapy, Baseball, Softball. Coaches across the country are seeing the power of Steady Headz® training. Players that train with Steady Headz have "quieter" body movement! 


How it works -

Players put the ring on top of their head as shown in the images and begin to practice - throwing, hitting, or fielding just like normal. When the Steady Headz® trainer slides out of position or completely off a player's head, they receive powerful information and can adjust their balance accordingly. Repetitive use enhances muscle memory with a great result. Players will begin to position their center of gravity (cg) in an optimized relative location (More times than not, this position is "directly above the feet" at the optimal height). 


Key Features

  • Adjustable strap 
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Proven results across tennis, golf, baseball, soccer, softball, hockey, and bowling. 
  • Teaches balance to pitchers, hitters, and fielders. 
  • Promotes good posture that keeps players head up
  • Improves balance, quickness, and power
  • Allows pitchers to warm up correctly

There are multiple colors to choose from with Steady Headz®. They are a perfect gift idea for someone that likes sports like baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, hockey, bowling, running, track & field, and more. This product has a huge upside given it's modest price and major return to any athlete. 






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